About Us



Luna Goddess, the Founder and Owner of Seven Moons, is an initiated High Priestess, who bridges the mystical energies of two powerful goddesses—Isis, the Egyptian deity of magic and wisdom, and Shakti, the Hindu personification of divine feminine power.  

As a spiritual advisor, Luna, offers a sanctuary for healing through her array of enchanted products, from crystal-infused candles to sacred oils, yoni steams and waist beads all created with home grown herbs are crafted under the guidance of her celestial lineage and auspicious moon energies. Her services and products are created for the purpose of connecting women with their inner-wisdom and intuition so they can align with divine self and manifest their desires.  

Her rituals are woven with ancient chants and modern intentions, creating a tapestry of transformation for those who seek her counsel. Luna’s gift of divination, inherited from her divine mothers, allows her to peer into the veil of the future, offering clarity and direction to her clients.  

In her presence, one finds the alchemy of nurturing care and empowering insight a testament to her heritage and her role as a conduit of universal healing energies.  

Sacred Practices & Services  

 Our practices include but are not limited to: 

  • Spiritual, Tarot and oracle readings, to tap into the subconscious and reveal  healing spiritual guidance to align and manifest highest timeline. 
  • Using moon and candle magic to manifest needs/wants/desires.  
  • Ceremonial moon rites, honoring the cycles of nature and the deities I embody to guide you on the spiritual path.  

Philosophy We believe in the power of spiritual healing, self-discovery and the importance of aligning with one’s higher purpose. By embracing the duality of and shadow, while implementing ritual and moon magic, you can manifest your desires, achieve a state of wholeness and live authentically in harmony with the goddess. I am dedicated to guiding women on their journey towards their inner goddess and enlightenment. 

Mission Our mission is to empower women to embrace their spiritual path and  foster a community where ancient wisdom and modern insights coalesce. As a High Priestess, I am committed to being a vessel of transformation and a beacon of light for all divine feminines who need guidance. 

Seven Moons fixes candles with the intention of connecting you with your spiritual team, ancestors and angels, protecting your energy, and bringing abundance and self love into your life. You can find a candle for all of the basic needs to live a balanced and harmonious life. All of her work is based on helping to heal your mind, body and spirit, and using her knowledge of crystals, vibrations and energetic field to do so.